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How to become a Data Scientist. October 12, 2014

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I found useful blog post on how yo become a Data Scientist,here. There’re so much cool  stuffs to learn about Big Data and hadoop.One of my favourite is   datasciencecentral .


The Hadoop FAQ for Oracle DBAs January 8, 2014

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The Hadoop FAQ for Oracle DBAs by Gwen here.


Oracle 12c June 26, 2013

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Oracle 12c Database ( is available for download under


How to block developing tools on Database March 23, 2012

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CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER block_tools_from_prod
v_prog sys.v_$session.program%TYPE;
SELECT program INTO v_prog
FROM sys.v_$session
AND  audsid != 0  — Don’t Check SYS Connections
AND  ROWNUM = 1;  — Parallel processes will have the same AUDSID’s

IF UPPER(v_prog) LIKE ‘%TOAD%’ OR UPPER(v_prog) LIKE ‘%T.O.A.D%’ OR — Toad
UPPER(v_prog) LIKE ‘%SQLNAV%’ OR     — SQL Navigator
UPPER(v_prog) LIKE ‘%PLSQLDEV%’ OR — PLSQL Developer
UPPER(v_prog) LIKE ‘%BUSOBJ%’ OR   — Business Objects
UPPER(v_prog) LIKE ‘%EXCEL%’       — MS-Excel plug-in
RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR(-20000, ‘Development tools are not allowed here.’);


Security in the Database Oracle 11g March 19, 2012

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We have seen the most awful of technology either stolen or lost your data on Databases especially Oracle has improved security through the newer version of Oracle 11g

Oracle 11g provides transparent data encryption at a tablespace level, and this video presents practical ways to look at security and implementing standards and procedures around the database environment to account for the security outside of the users, including secured environments for regulations and compliance.



Deadlock ORA-00060 error August 22, 2011

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What is deadlock?
Deadlock is a situation in which two or more users are waiting for data locked by each other. deadlocks prevent some transactions from continuing to work.
How to resolve deadlock?
We have to do nothing to resolve deadlock error (ORA-00060), oracle automatically detects and resolve the deadlock by rolling back one statement involve in the statement. releasing one set of conflicting row locks.
Why deadlock error occurs?
deadlock is completely application bug. ask DEVELOPER to look into the coding on particular form (query) which raise DEADLOCK.
What is the reason for deadlock?
Deadlocks most often occur when transactions explicitly override the default locking of oracle database. because oracle database not escalate locks and does not use read locks for queries. but does use row-level locking, deadlocks occurs infrequently.

Video Tutorial – Installing Oracle 10gR2 Grid Control and deploying agent on Linux and Windows OS June 27, 2011

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Oracle Grid Control managing  lots of databases and application servers  It can manage multiple instances of Oracle deployment  platform.Click here for the video tutorial of how to install Oracle 10gR2 Grid Control.