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Overview:Tanzania August 29, 2007

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tz2.pngThe president, Jakaya Kikwete, and the ruling party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), in office since the end of 2005, have so far not produced the dynamic government that many Tanzanians had hoped for. The regime will continue to promise much, but on issues such as corruption, policy initiatives will not be matched by effective implementation.

Country Forecast Overview (3 Year)

Key Indicators 2006 2007 2008
Real GDP Growth (%) 4.00 5.10 5.40
Consumer Price Inflation (av;%) 6.13 5.60 4.60
Budget Balance (% of GDP) -6.00 -3.80 -3.10
Current-Account Balance (% of GDP) -14.40 -11.80 -11.00
Exchange Rate US$:Euro (av) 1251.90 1285.75 1365.83
Exchange Rate US$:Euro(year-end) 1275.21 1300.00 1360.0

 Efforts to resolve the political issues on Zanzibar will continue, following the government’s pledge to renew its focus on solving the problems and to resume dialogue with the opposition, but little progress is expected and tensions will persist. Economic policy will continue to focus on developing the private sector and, in particular, the dominant agricultural sector. Assuming favourable weather conditions, real GDP is forecast to grow by a strong 6.9% in 2007 and 7.2% in 2008. The Tanzanian shilling will decline in value against the US dollar over the forecast period, owing to a continuing current-account deficit. The Economist Intelligence Unit expects the shilling to average TSh1,286:US$1 in 2007 and TSh1,366:US$1 in 2008.

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Why business blogs are important? August 26, 2007

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Business Blogging is the very important in anywhere dispite some difficulties of access of internet in some areas.The post from theunderdesign web site explain to us why business blogs are important.

They explaining to us”….More and more companies are entering the world of blogging, but why do they do it – what are the benefits?….” continue here.


small business ideas forum!

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When i start post a new article here iam always thinking about how to improve the efficiency of small business firms in the developing nations especially in my own country Tanzania.This forum could be very useful to small business firms.


Business trouble?

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b.jpg If you produce a product and people buy it but don’t use it (but also do not return it), is that a successful product?


Blog grows your Business! August 21, 2007

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A blog, which is short for “weblog”, is a regular series of thoughts, ideas, and opinions on any number of topics. We have to use blogs as part of a business and its marketing, publicity, and promotional activities. This type of blog takes the form a daily column about business.

In this world of competation,

Business blogs help create news stories for the mainstream media,Business blogs are often the first place where company news and new product ideas are seen. Because of their ability to serve as early alert systems to the business press, blogs are right on the cutting edge of journalism. That is where a business blog can be really helpful.

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