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How to become a Data Scientist. October 12, 2014

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I found useful blog post on how yo become a Data Scientist,here. There’re so much cool  stuffs to learn about Big Data and hadoop.One of my favourite is   datasciencecentral .


The Hadoop FAQ for Oracle DBAs January 8, 2014

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The Hadoop FAQ for Oracle DBAs by Gwen here.


Oracle 12c June 26, 2013

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Oracle 12c Database ( is available for download under


Security in the Database Oracle 11g March 19, 2012

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We have seen the most awful of technology either stolen or lost your data on Databases especially Oracle has improved security through the newer version of Oracle 11g

Oracle 11g provides transparent data encryption at a tablespace level, and this video presents practical ways to look at security and implementing standards and procedures around the database environment to account for the security outside of the users, including secured environments for regulations and compliance.



How to become an Oracle DBA July 19, 2010

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I came across a very useful article by Burleson Consulting how to become an Oracle DBA.

Every year, young computer professionals leave the hallowed halls and ivory towers of college and survey the landscape for computer jobs. They look at the salary surveys and drool at the average Oracle DBA salary of $100,000 and the prospect of earning up to $250,000 per year as a production DBA.  Many of them don’t know what a DBA does, but they sure like the money.



Is IT Suffering from Too Much Specialization? April 12, 2010

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Is IT suffering from too much specialization? click here


East Africa gets high-speed web July 23, 2009

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The first undersea cable to bring high-speed internet access to East Africa has gone live.More click here