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How to write a Business Plan December 14, 2007

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Business plan is  an overview in words and numbers of the history of a business and its owners, the aims and objectives of a business, and proposals to achieve business goals.  Businesses need plans to optimize growth and development according to priorities.

The following are tutorial by Tim berry  founder of Palo Alto Software.Here is a part 1:

 Click here to  watch all videos.


One Response to “How to write a Business Plan”

  1. Bwaya Says:


    When we talk of expansion of blogosphere in our country, blog content should be one of the reasons. variety of content, tasting differnt.

    You will now give us another taste.

    You have made a tremendous dicision to begin this blog. You deserve a clap: pa pa pa paaaaaa!

    However this should now be a challenge to us: Turning from doing what ‘everybody’ is doing and do what we real do. Turning from “ideas” to facts. Turning around. Turning around…!

    Just written to appreciate your work. I like the idea.

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