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Don’t give up! November 10, 2007

Filed under: Business — gaphydba @ 4:48 pm

Failures in business happen. It is a fact of life. You can probably expect to fail in business since the majority of new businesses do fail within the first four years. It is what you do after your failure that separates the wheat from the chaff.

If you give up then you should resign yourself to working for the man and make the best of it. But if you don’t, and start another venture, you are giving yourself the opportunity to succeed fantastically. If you don’t keep trying to make a go of it you will never have the opportunity to experience great success. Where there is no risk there is no reward and a successful business can be the most rewarding thing to ever happen to you. Analyze what caused your business to fail. Don’t make excuses, be honest. Excuses will just breed another failure and you might as well quit.

To some people quit is fighting words to others relief. Which is it for you? If you answer ‘fighting words’ really think about what you can do to turn your business around. Sometimes it is the little things that are causing your business to fail. f you answer ‘relief’ quit your business right now. It is better to quit then to let your mental situation impact your business, and it will whether you realize it or not. A bad mental situation will keep your business from ever experiencing the growth the creates success. Find yourself something that makes you excited and get into that instead. You will be happier when you do.


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